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Welcome to My ClassroomMy name is Ronan and I want to teach you English.


This website is designed to help you take your English to the next level and help you sound like YOU in English! I offer a wide variety of ways to learn English, from podcasting and transcripts, supplementary learning activities, to group and one-to-one classes. I’m sure there is something here to help you break the English language plateau that will guide you to take control of your English language learning journey.

So, take a look around, check my social media for quick lessons, and don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for stopping by and you best check back soon because just like your English, this website is always evolving!


Take care,


English on the Road

The Podcast What is it?

Level: Upper intermediate - Fluent. Topics: Anything and everything. This is real, authentic, unplanned, high level, fun English!

The podcast is completely free, and right now I'm working on a LOT of additional content and learning resources for my up-and-coming subscription service, so be sure to check back, or sign up to my newsletter.

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