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15 minute Strategy Session
Unsure of your goals and need some expert guidance? This is the place to start.


Unsure of your goals and want more personalized lessons?

Book a private 15-minute strategy session with me. We will sit down and go over your language learning goals, focusing on what you can do, what you want to do and how much time you have to achieve it. Then, I will be able to recommend which option is most suitable for you. 


General English
This option is for you if you want to improve your overall ability and confidence in spoken English. Shatter the plateau and take your English to the next level!


This is the perfect class if you want to improve your overall ability in English, and stop being stuck! 

  • Increase your knowledge of idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs
  • Practice and perfect active listening techniques
  • Learn how to form natural questions and expand your answers
  • Express yourself fully in English
  • Take control of YOUR English

Duration: 50 minutes

When: Once or twice per week

What do I get: Video of class, notes from class, optional homework


Business English
For the determined career climber. Do you need to improve your English to open up more job opportunities? 


Get ready to take on the business world with these Business English classes.

In this class I help you learn the English you need to:

  • Network in professional environments
  • Deliver a strong and coherent presentation 
  • Manage and takes notes from a professional business conference call or meeting
  • Develop interview skills 
  • Write formal emails, resumes, and cover letters
  • Explain elaborate processes

Duration: 50 minutes

What do I get: Video from class, Notes from class, Optional Homework



Exam Preparation
For the serious student. This is the option for you if you want to attend university in an English-speaking country.


The EOTR English Exam Prep Program gets students ready for any of the main English exams needed for citizenship, immigration purposes, college or university entry requirements (CEL-PIP, IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE)

Each course is personalized for you, and only you. We build on the knowledge you already have and prepare you to take on and kill any English exam you have.


Group Classes
Join the community, speak some English!

$40per month

Want to practice your English with other great learners? Then you might want to join one of my group classes.


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Terms & Conditions: For a full list of terms & conditions, cancellation policy etc, please view this page

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